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The Do’s and Don’ts of Business and Balance

By Ellen Rohr on Jan 16 2011 • Filed under Business

Business checklist of what to do and what not to do for success.

Welcome to the New Year! I meet lots of folks who love to tell me what works for them, and what NOT to do. I’d love to share this wisdom with you. So here is a collection of Do’s and Don’ts for every area of your business. This is the first of a four-part series of tips. Enjoy!

DO read this list. DON’T neglect to do things that will make you more money!

  • DO join a trade association. Shop around first, and find one with a mission and philosophy that matches yours.
  • DO find exceptional performers within your industry and be inspired them.
  • DO find a successful business owner with whom you don’t compete, and offer to become his or her mastermind partner. Commit to help each other improve as business people.
  • DO read at least one book per week. Alternate between classic novels, humorous fiction, and business books. Listen in the car when time is short.
  • DON’T miss your kid’s football game because you choose to work instead.
  • DO commit your hopes and dreams to ink and paper, or computer bytes. Keep a journal.
  • DO handle the issues that keep coming up and spoiling your success. Talk to a friend or a minister. Go to the desert for forty days and forty nights.
  • DON’T lie. Even “white” lies chip away at your integrity.
  • DON’T say, “Tell him I am not here!” 
  • DO say, “Tell him I’m busy right now, and I will call him back later.”
  • DON’T just look for service standards within your industry. Go to Disney World and watch how they do it.
  • DO lead by example.
  • DON’T talk so much.
  • DON’T imagine that you are irreplaceable. My husband’s partner’s last words to me were, “If I don’t do it myself, it will never get done.” He died two days later. Things got done.
  • DO go on a ride-along with a team member at least once a week.
  • DO make a sale yourself every once in a while. Just to show the rest of the team that you still got it.
  • DON’T enter into a 50-50 partnership. There is no such thing.
  • DO find ten things that are going right and congratulate the people responsible.
  • DO find something to laugh about and share it with someone.
  • DO read the autobiography of Christie Brown. It will keep you from feeling sorry for yourself.
  • DO your best to keep your family together and communicating.
  • DO it today.

The rest of the lists in this do's and don'ts series will cover Making Money, Sales and Marketing, and Getting Things Done.



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