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Are you REALLY Ready for a Stronger, Sexier you?

By Nicole Yamanaka on Jan 04 2011 • Filed under Health

exercise with a friend

Does you New Year’s Resolution include something like: lose weight; get in shape; become stronger and sexier? Or even just something like: to fit into my favourite little black dress again?


Are you sure you want to get in shape and be strong and sexy?

I mean, are you really sure?

Because (and here it is): WARNING! It might not be for you.
Many of us decide this time of year to make changes, and convince ourselves that we’re finally going to make it stick! You’re probably reading this article hoping for some great “Top 3 Tricks” and tidbits that will make your life easier, or maybe some new research that will show that 10 minutes-a-day will be enough.

Sorry, but I’m here to burst that bubble. I’m going to give you the straight goods: I’m not going to lie to you and say “it’s easy on minimal effort” and that “anyone can do it” because if anyone can, why aren’t we all fit, athletic-super-strong-run-10k-and-do-one-arm-pushup-goddesses-of-money-making-machines and entrepreneurialism?

Okay, so I came on a little strong just now – so sue me. I’m passionate, and I care about you, so here is the scoop:

1. You have to want it:

You have to want to be fit, healthy, strong and confident in your body’s abilities. Maybe you remember your former glory, or it’s the body you dream of having. You think about it when you wake up and look in the mirror, you think about it when you switch to your post-holiday pants / skirt, you think about it when you drag your exhausted body to bed at night. Think of your body as you would a baby in your care. It requires constant attention and you love it with all your heart and soul and would never do anything to harm it. Can you handle that? Good. Next step.
2. You have to Commit:

You need to want to be fit and healthy and strong so badly that you can taste it. You will devote time to it, you will spend the right kind of money on it and you will treat it right. Schedule time for your new hot self at least an hour a day – that’s right, you heard me. ONE HOUR out of your measly 19 hour day (because I know you only sleep for five hours a night, you business whiz, you).
3. There will be some discomfort:

You’ll have to give up some of the things you tricked yourself into thinking were healthy (“Low Fat” snacks? Who are we kidding. And walking? It’s activity – not exercise. There’s a difference). You’ll have to stop procrastinating and actually go to your workouts; and you’ll have to sweat. Perhaps gone is the “no pain, no gain” motto, but you can’t do this without a little sweat and maybe tears. Ask anyone that is fit if it’s a cake walk. The answer will be no, but the payoff will be HUGE. The confidence, the stamina, the ability to wear that sexy little black dress. I digress…
exercise for strength4. Get Help:

I bet you have in your arsenal a financial planner, a business coach, a dentist (you scale your own teeth??) and more. These objective guiding lights tell you where you are going right and wrong. Right? Could you imagine trying to do everything yourself? That’s crazy talk. A personal trainer or a workout buddy that actually knows what they are doing will shortcut wasted-time into effective-time spent working for your new super hot, super strong body. They’ll save you money and hold you accountable. They’ll tell you to stop wasting your cash on gimmicks like crazy shoes and snacks and other crap you don’t need.

You might not like me after reading this but that’s okay. Like I said, I’m telling you the truth because I want you to dig deep and really think about why you want this. That’s what makes it permanent. When the “pain” is enough to make a decision for permanent change, that’s when you will have success. I don’t want you to waste your time and money starting something because the hype swept you up and then you drop it like a hot rock in March. I want you to make the commitment to your awesome self and do it when you’re ready. Your new body is waiting for you. Are you ready to go get it? This year, maybe you are. You tell me. Show the world you’re ready for it.

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  1. I want it! I’ve wanted it for at least three years but didn’t do anything about it until I met Nik and got some serious training. Fifteen pounds later and I’m ready to step it up for 2011. It hasn’t been easy, but because I wanted it, I was prepared. Don’t waste your time, get help if you’re serious. Thanks Nik, I’m ready to head up the Grind in one hour, get those next ten pounds off and do the Sun Run in 2011!

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