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5 Tips for Mompreneurs to Enjoy the Holidays

By ML Broxton on Dec 13 2010 • Filed under Mompreneurs at work

Mompreneur balancing work and family life.

Being a Mompreneur is challenging all year. Being a Mompreneur during the holidays may result in you flying right past stressed and leave you laughing hysterically as your employees and children warily look on from a safe distance.

Here are a few tips and simple solutions to help you stay sane, take advantage of the busy season in your business, and enjoy precious moments with your family:

1. Set work hours.

During the holidays, it could be easy for you to get wrapped up in projects and spend 18 hours a day working. This is a time to be realistic about when you will work and when you won't. In our family, my rule of thumb is that when I get home, I focus on the children until they go to bed. After that, I work from about 9 pm until midnight and then watch some TV or go to bed. My absolute stopping point is 2 am, which happens pretty frequently during our busy season at the office.

2. Embrace the spirit of the season.

Whatever your personal beliefs are about Christmas, the decorations, scents, food, and music are lovely and fun to enjoy. Find your own way to lift your spirits and create energy within yourself by finding your own brand of holiday cheer. Common ways to do this are: play holiday music at work and home, wear holiday-inspired clothing, take or bake goodies for home and the office, and find opportunities to say "Happy Holidays!" to others.

3. Treat yourself.

During the holidays, it seems like everybody wants something right now. This can make for stressful days and long nights. Find time during the day to run out for a cup of your favorite coffee and find a spot to sit quietly for a few minutes. It's amazing what a few minutes of being good to yourself can do for your whole day.

4. Decide what's really important.

In our family, I decided that I am going to do my very best to make it to every party and event our children have at school. I sign up to bring something that is feasible, which means something I can schedule to pick up from the grocery store on my way. Get a calendar of events from your child's daycare provider or teacher as soon as possible and get those events on your calendar first. Very few things really have to happen at the exact same moment as your child's holiday concert and party at school.

5. Decorate thoughtfully.

Take some time to think about which decorations your family and employees really enjoy, and which ones you just do out of habit. For your business, a nice wreath on the door and a few decorations inside is a nice touch. At home, decorate in ways that make the holiday memorable and special, but don't create more work for you than is necessary. Remember, decorating for the holidays can be as big or simple as you like, as long as you are doing things that are truly meaningful for you, your family, or your employees.

Whatever your preferred holiday style, make sure to take some time off work to enjoy the magic of the season with your family. Oh, and take lots of pictures!


  1. Thanks for your great comments – I appreciate them! Happy Holidays!

  2. great tips!

  3. It easy to get side tracked when you are working your business from home. It happens to me most of the time. So I make sure I have my planner at hand to keep track of the things needed to be done especially during this time of the year when everyone is busy looking for gifts to give to their loved ones.

  4. These are good points to help keep self employed moms focused and on track through the holiday season and for all other times of the year as well. Through the hustle, it is easy to get side tracked and push everyone else’s priorities in front of your own. Another good point would be to ask for help when you feel you are getting overwhelmed with business or home related activities and chores.


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