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CHANGE: Education on the Fly

By Karen Dodd on Sep 20 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

"I feel like a survivor from an age that people no longer understand."

This is a quote from actress Olivia de Havilland who, at 94, has witnessed a lot of changes in her life and in the world.

Ms. de Havilland has touched many people in her long life, most particularly through the medium of film. (She won best supporting actress for her role in Gone with the Wind in 1939.) I doubt that she could ever have imagined the enormity of the likes of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) where the average person can now reach out and touch people all over the world without even leaving their home. Many of us have embraced these changes and used change as an impetus to grow. Right at this moment, more women than ever are poised to make major changes – and although excited about the possibilities – many are feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by what lies ahead.

When you are teetering on the brink of greatness, there are only three ways you can go. You can step backward, stay where you are, or hopefully step over the line which is where the magic begins.

I think it would be fair to say that most of us have been fearful of change at some time in our life. But each time you step over that line and move forward, it gets easier and easier, and who you become in the process is much more meaningful than the results.

On the subject of change, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur Kim Kiyosaki recently said  there are two kinds of mindset:

1) Fixed mindset – where you say: "I am this, this and this and I don't change."

2) Growth mindset – where you say: "I can change everything by learning and through experience."

Every time we face something we're unfamiliar with – and go through it – we learn and grow. If we're not growing, we're dying. In my opinion there hasn't been a time in recent history where it is so important for women to learn, grow, and step into their greatness.

A recent e-Women Network survey reported that even in these economically challenging times, 74% of respondents say now is a good time to grow or start a business. One of the reasons is that you can have an edge on timid competitors who are waiting for the economy to recover.

If you are struggling right now, you need to do things differently than before.

  • Focus on the positive aspects of your current business or on your unique skills and talents that you can use in starting a new business. Get the help of mentors, coaches, or mastermind groups to help you get more creative and refuse to be victimized by negative news or your self-limiting fears.
  • Rather than getting overwhelmed with knowing all the details before you move forward, think of changes and transitions as a string of pearls – when everything is strung together, it becomes like a beautiful necklace with no beginning and no end. Don't let adversities get in your way.
  • Understand that the door that opens for you today may not be the exact door that takes you to your objective or goal, but go through that door anyway because you have no way of knowing where it will lead.
  • Learn to just say, "yes." I can't tell you the number of times I've said, "yes, I can do that" and then had to figure it out as I went along. Don't get stuck in the mode of having to be 100% sure of everything before you go ahead and get started.
  • Start thinking of adversities as gifts wrapped in sandpaper. Like going through an open door that turns out not to be the right one, you will continue to gain strength and experience from these gifts.
  • Lose some of your attachment to "having balance in your life." As Kim Kiyosaki says, try standing on one foot until you're balanced. Then try to move forward. Pretty hard to move off that perfectly balanced spot, isn't it?


Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It:

Just as you'd do when packing for a long trip, ask yourself what you can leave behind (thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you) and what is important to take with you, as you tackle change and move forward.

Here are a few suggestions from the masters to help you do that:

1. Think like a champion. If you had nothing to do at all, what would you do? Set a timer for 2 minutes and write your gut reaction now. This exercise can uncover some hints of what you might be missing in your life (Donald Trump)

2. Recapture your childlike wonder. List your top three talents and then select one that brings you the most joy and makes time disappear. Can you turn it into a business or incorporate it into your existing business? (Mark Victor Hansen)

3. Not any old to-do list. What is one thing that you could accomplish today that would make you feel fantastic at day's end? Do it now and start every day with that question. (Mel Robbins)

4. Strip bare. Write down a risk you know in your gut you should take now for your life or your business. Now do it. (Richard Branson)

5. Life is the best teacher. What three things have you learned from your biggest adversity? Now put those lessons into practice. (Janine Shepherd – accident victim)

6. Live big and step into your greatness. What two decisions can you make right now to live at a higher level? (Karen Dodd)

Until next time, remember to market authentically and attract New Clients By Design!

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