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Making A Life Versus Making A Living

By Karen Dodd on Jul 19 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

It has always fascinated me that with all the time that most of us put into our working life, many people haven't figured out how to design their business or job around the lifestyle that they would like to be living.

In my coaching work, I often come across individuals who have wandered – or just fallen into — business after business (or job after job) and now feel like they're running out of time to find their dreams.

They feel torn between what they'd really love to do and what they feel they should do, because they have responsibilities and need the money. These are two beliefs that will never let you cross that bridge to what brings you joy and happiness in your business and personal life.

You probably know people who hold these conflicting beliefs. Perhaps you know them really well (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Your Action Steps

  • Make a list of at least ten things that bring you joy, make you feel fulfilled and that you simply love doing. Include things that you're good at, that people compliment you on, things that you do not procrastinate on because you enjoy doing them. What makes you feel really good on the inside?
  • Next, narrow those ten down to your Top 5. Ask yourself: if I could have, be or do #1 but could never have #2, which one is the most important to me? Keep doing that by process of elimination, until you get down to five.
  • Finally, ask yourself: in my present business (or job), how many of these five important things am I able to do, be, or have on a regular basis?

Hmm…the answers you get should provide you with some significant insights. How are you feeling about what you're doing to make a living versus how you'd like to be making a life? If the answer is that your work is not providing you with many of the things you love to do then you might be feeling trapped, with no way out. But take heart; you DO have options!

Here are 8 keys to help you focus on identifying your passion and power that will help you connect with results – FAST:

1. Know what aspect of your business to focus your time and energy on.

2. Master the art of "Slight Edge" decision-making. I call these, “Hell, yes’s or Hell, no’s.”

3. Get clear about your long term vision, core values, strengths and passions.

4. Identify what unique gift you bring to the world and how to get paid for it.

5. Create the type of business (or find that dream job) that best fits your gifts.

6. Determine your target client and market niche.

7. Review your Gremlins or Drunk Monkeys — those limiting beliefs that may have prevented your success in the past.

8. Determine your unique definition of wealth and success (Hint: it isn't only about money).

Hopefully, you're going to live a long time and therefore you'll be putting a lot of hours into your working life. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to leap out of bed in the morning or work late into the night on a project that you really love doing? What changes could you make – without sacrificing your economic stability – to have those days more often?

Not following your passion leads to confusion and lack of clarity which in turn leads to lack of focus and fosters procrastination.

Remember, it isn't just you who is affected when you choose to play small and not do what truly moves you. It is all the people who consciously or unconsciously gain hope and inspiration from the warmth of your light.

Here's the bottom line: it is never too late to start but it is always too late to wait.

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