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Are you ready for some financial advice?

By Tracy Theemes and Kamal Basra on Jul 05 2010 • Filed under Women and the Power of Money

Do you recognize the symptoms of portfolio paralysis? If you see yourself in any of the scenarios listed below, this may be your wake-up call for finding a Financial Advisor to help you get back on top of your game.

Are you paralyzed by information overload?

News, information and opinion about business and investing have exploded in recent years. Newspapers, business television and the internet are valuable sources of information and opinion. But investors can overload on a steady diet of spectacular events that roils the markets. The confusion and noise has a tendency to reveal the speculations in the market but tend to obscure the investment opportunities that might exist. As a result, you sit waiting for an all clear signal.

Are you unclear about the strategic direction of your investment portfolio?

There are now many competing investment strategies and ways to achieve your financial objectives. Some carry a high risk premium others promise safety but modest returns. Which approach suits you and will satisfy your long-term goals? In today’s market, it’s easy to lose your perspective. When that happens, bad decisions follow.

Do you feel you don’t have the time to invest wisely?

As we get older, we discover that managing a growing investment portfolio is hard work and requires more and more of our attention. Particularly in today’s markets, identifying investment opportunities requires research and doing our homework. It often involves time we don’t have to give. So instead, your portfolio doesn’t get the attention it requires and that you deserve.

Is investing a regular source of worry?

The goal of investing isn’t to be in a constant state of surprise, fear or anguish. Such emotions shouldn’t be reasons to put your portfolio under the covers. Getting a good night’s sleep is a legitimate objective of good financial and investment planning. Intelligent investing is a process of identifying and quantifying the risks associated with an investment. In that way, we can anticipate the unexpected and turn it into a manageable situation. Worry and fear of surprise are indicators that your tolerance for risk isn’t in balance with your investments.

What you can do about it:

If any or all of the above situations sound familiar and have frozen your investment portfolio then it’s time to seek an Investment Advisor to help you get re-directed in the market. There are few investors who feel confident to go it alone in today’s markets. Finding a financial advisor you trust will get back your perspective with a strategy that works for you in today’s markets. If you feel that you’ve been pulled over on the side of the road long enough, an advisor can help review your current state of affairs and recommend an investment road map that will get you back on the road.


  1. If you’ve made the decision that you want assistance in managing your money, be sure to use a measurable and meaningful interview and selection process. After all, this person will be overseeing your financial future, so you want to make sure your selection criteria is valid and not driven by personality or convenience.

    Be sure you know who you are hiring. Get written documentation about each potential advisor’s background, experience, credentials, and business practices/ethics. Any advisor is not willing to provide you with written documentation should not be a viable candidate for you, regardless of how nice you think that person is. Referrals or word of mouth from friends is not a viable way to select an advisor either. Think of Bernie Madoff’s victims…..that was all word of mouth.

    Here are some tips to use to screen financial advisors/planners and red flags to be aware of.


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