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Make More Sales Without Even Talking

By Cathy Kuzel on Jun 28 2010 • Filed under The Connected Woman

Take a long, conscientious look at yourself in the mirror. Be honest to yourself, what do you see? Is your hair neat and stylish? Does your outfit reflect your business? Are you dressing the way a successful business woman should? Is your overall look tasteful?

The fact is, most clients want to identify with the people they do business with. They project their expectations of success onto you. They want you to be up-to-date and expect you to know the ‘latest and greatest’ about your product/service – that includes how you look. Many times, clients will take your advice seriously only if you look the part. It’s amazing what a great personal image can do to increase your service and product sales.

Murphy’s Law states: when you least expect it – expect it!

Make a conscious effort on caring how you look. That one time you didn’t de-lint your black jacket or you just stepped out of your home office without taking a glance in the mirror will be the time you run into that really important client.

Picture yourself as the packaging of the product/service you sell. YOU are really what you’re selling. Anyone can offer the same things you do but ultimately it’s YOU that makes the difference. When you look good, your product/services look better.

Think about it . . . if you had to choose between two women on sight alone, both of whom are equally qualified as office managers and one had on a tasteful matched outfit, hairstyle simple yet neat and stylish shoes; and the other had on blue jeans, scuffed flats and her hair resembled a bird’s nest, who would you pick? Be honest! 

Do you Dress for Success?

Studies have shown that your success as a business person will be judged by your outward appearance and image.

Fair? Not really, but it’s a fact.

Keep in mind that your image is always there, talking for you, the silent infomercial and you want it to be saying: “Hi, I’m glad to see you, I’m great at what I do and I’m ready to take good care of you.” So don’t neglect your image, it can be your best salesperson!

And the most important accessory that everyone needs to complete their outfit?


Wear one every day. It becomes you!


  1. Hi Cathy,

    I just read your latest newsletter and your story about the coffee shop incident is right on the ball. I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced the same story; coffee shop, hair dresser, etc! I love your point. This could make another great article… 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy!
      That’s not the only time I’ve experienced ‘stuff’ like that as you have as well. It makes you wonder why some of these people can still be in business with that kind of attitude. I’ll look at putting together an article based on this topic.

  2. I appreciate this write up, i think alot of us need to hear this over and over again

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