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Think Like a Successful Mompreneur

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When my son Finn was 18 months, I wanted our playtime to be both fun and educational. I scoured teaching supply stores to find tools to help him learn the basics. I put a box together and called it mama's school. We got the box out daily for 20 minutes and worked on the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors. By the time he was 3, he could read!

Parents at his nursery school asked me how I taught him to read. I told them about my box of random teaching tools and about our 20 minute focused sessions. It was at that point, I realized there might be a business in his success, so I created an educational toy.

I started by checking out the competition. I could not find any all-in-one learning kits for toddlers, so I knew there was a gap in the market. I began to search for a manufacturer, a designer and a web master. After nine months of dedication, my product launched. I sold 95 in 3 days at a local consumer show. I used this success to open doors with all local toy stores and baby stores. After just 2 years, my products are available in large retailers across North America.

Here are a few tips and words of wisdom for other budding mompreneurs:

1. Think your idea through – Truly visualize your days ahead, will your business idea really give you more time with your kids or less?

2. Talk is cheap – Execution is everything. It is fairly easy to come up with a good idea but the hard work is putting that idea into motion! Be sure you have the time available at this stage in your life!

3. Know your numbers – just because you are a mom and you truly know your market – you still need a business plan that addresses sales targets, profitability, return on investment etc.

4. Be Flexible & Focused – Mompreneurs hours need to be flexible, generally 9-3 but sometimes early morning or late at night. You must be excellent at switching gears and getting into the zone. It helps to have systems in place and delegate if you can.

5. Know your strengths and admit your weaknesses – Fill the gaps with people who are good at the things you are not good at.

6. Network – Tell everyone you meet about your business. Word of mouth within groups of moms is the most powerful marketing tool!

7. Talk to other mompreneurs – Ask them about their experiences and share yours. Read about successful companies to stay inspired!

8. Develop a thick skin – A key trait of all entrepreneurs! You will meet a lot of naysayers along the way. If you truly believe in your idea, your passion will override negativity.

9. Hire a good book keeper – Sadly, many small businesses fail in the first 5 years because they do not have a strong handle on their finances.

10. Stay Positive – All businesses have ups & downs. You will have great days, good days, boring days and down right bad days. Keep your eye on your goal and never lose sight of your dream.

Christy Cook, founder of Teach My, makers of award-winning learning kits for babies and toddlers. Teach My Toddler is the iParenting award winning all-in-one learning kit with 17 teaching tools to help toddlers master the basics in just 20 minutes a day. Teach My Baby is the iParenting award winning all-in-one learning kit for babies 6-18 months. It aims to teach First Words, Sounds & Touch, Self and First Numbers using creative and unique teaching tools.

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  1. This is a inspiration especially for those of us who wonder if it is possible to be a present mom and a successful one too at the same time.Thanks so much for the reminder and i have learnt from this writting that success lays still, right beside us, but it takes a little more far sight and deep thinking for us to unravish it.

  2. great tips….always inspiring to hear women who already have their hands full with raising kids become successful mompreneurs….thanks!!

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