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How is your home based image?

By Katherine Lazaruk on May 10 2010 • Filed under Image Intensive

It’s lovely to work from home, wouldn’t you agree? Set your own hours, work in your pajamas, take your computer outside on the deck and answer email at your leisure. No hectic commute, no extra cost of maintaining an office and most of all, no worrying about what to wear to the office.

Everything is perfect, except on those occasions when…your client wants to see you in twenty minutes and you haven’t had a shower!

Many home-based business owners find themselves challenged by the requirements of their business wardrobe when working solely from home. For many entrepreneurs, extremely casual clothing becomes the norm and they struggle with creating a balance between the clothes they need to wear for work and the clothes they need to wear while presenting themselves outside the office. Some pay little or no attention to their appearance at all and find their work performance suffers. Whatever your particular situation may be, here are two different ways to look at the issue: physical and psychological.

Physically speaking, it may not be practical for a home-based business owner to dress in business attire on a daily basis. If you’re balancing your business with family needs and taking time throughout your day to drop the kids off at activities or play with them on the playground, you will need to structure your wardrobe so it accommodates your physical needs first and deals with the visual impression second. Look for basic, easy care, durable wardrobe pieces that can transition easily from one situation to another.

For example, if you are working in the office in the morning, picking the kids up at lunch and having a meeting in the afternoon, you can pair easy care slacks or jeans (depending on the level of dress required for your meeting) with a plain shirt or blouse and jacket. Wear a more casual shoe and accessories for your morning work and carry a dressier version to change into for your afternoon meeting.

Another way to look at your business attire is from a psychological standpoint. A number of studies point to the effect of a relaxed dress code in the office; more relaxed clothing typically equals a more relaxed approach to business. In some businesses, this could be an asset, but consider this: the clothing you wear directly affects the way you think, act and feel. If you are feeling a lack of motivation in your work or a lack of productivity in your day, it may be directly related to the sweatpants you put on this morning. Try dressing each day for your home-based work as you would for your business outside of the office and note any differences or shifts in your attitude.

Whatever your business, a polished image is an asset. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to put on your suit before sitting down to work in your office, but it does mean that a little more attention to detail in your appearance can positively affect your work as a home based business owner.

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it:

Try experimenting this month to see what works best for you and report back what happens.

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  1. I’m going to try this, it sounds like fun. I know I feel smarter when I’m dresses up.

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