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NICHE: Don’t Try To Please Everybody!

By Karen Dodd on May 03 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” ~ Bill Cosby

On the surface I think most of us would agree with this statement, but every now and again something happens in your everyday life that leaves you, as my New Zealander friend would say, “gob-smacked!”

The other day I was sharing with my husband, Glen, the challenge I was having getting one of my coaching clients to identify her niche. Having been intimately involved in the work I do, I thought he was aware that narrowing one’s niche is probably the most challenging part of marketing and attracting new clients – and also the most important. Or so I thought!

As the conversation went on, it became abundantly clear that as a financial planner, he felt his own market niche was basically everyone who is engaged in stable employment and wants to plan for their future.

Perhaps like Glen, the reason that many entrepreneurs and professionals are reluctant to niche is that they believe they will potentially lose business. In fact, the opposite is true. When you’re 100 percent crystal clear about your niche, it is much easier to reach large numbers of ideal clients easily and inexpensively. Many of the clients I coach do this extremely successfully with NO marketing budget!

In my article “What Makes You, You,” I asked you to come up with your “compelling story” and then to decide on what ONE niche you could become known for addressing. The reason for knowing your compelling story is that in my experience, most new entrepreneurs tend to look outside themselves, to identify their niche.

Rather than choosing a niche based on outside factors such as affluence or demographics, why not look inside to attract clients with whom your “story” resonates? By modeling the “before-and-after” situation for your prospects, you immediately are considered an expert. For example, if you’ve survived the upheaval and chaos associated with being a young mom and successfully started a business in spite of that, you have become an expert in teaching others or providing products to women who would like to do what you’ve done. That means you’re going to attract clients very much like you, that you can reach more easily – and with whom you’ll likely enjoy working with more.

When someone is looking to hire or buy from someone in your field, they are looking for a SOLUTION to their most pressing problem. Your compelling story becomes the first part of your compelling marketing message and when you attract clients who have the same “before” as you did, you’ve already made the most important part of the sale.

Once you know the WHO and the WHY of what your business has to offer potential clients, it’s time to use “pull-through” marketing messages to reach them. Next to your compelling story, developing just the right “offer” is the most critical factor in attracting a steady stream of pre-qualified, self-selected clients.

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It:

1. Assuming you have a website (please tell me you do!) what value-packed information could you offer your prospects? The least expensive (basically no-cost) way to share your expertise is through a Special Report that you offer free of charge in exchange for their name and email address.

Tip: Be sure this is not just a thinly disguised commercial for you and your services. You need to be sharing tangible information that they can use right away, whether they do business with you or not. This goes for all of your “offers.”

2. What could you record inexpensively and share via a downloadable mp3? This could be something as simple as your before-and-after story. Again, you want to give tangible tips that your prospect can use right away but don’t “give away the farm” by telling them everything – that’s what they need to hire you for!

Tip: By offering a CD, you will be able to capture your prospects’ full name, mailing address and phone number. Used with integrity, this can give you great information with which to stay in touch with prospects.

3. Consider starting an ezine. This has been the single most significant marketing tool that has taken me from zero to thousands of prospects and hundreds of clients. It can be something as simple as a Tip of The Week.

Tip: Ideally, you want to publish weekly, but at the very least, bi-weekly. If you can’t commit to that frequency, then it’s not worth doing it at all.

4. What can you put on the back of your business card that will cause people to go to your website or pick up the phone to call you? It causes me such anguish to turn over someone’s card, only to see nothing there or a tagline; it’s such a waste of prime marketing real-estate! I can honestly tell you that I’ve never been to a networking event without at least a couple of people going to my website to get my free CD, “How To Attract Your Ideal Clients By Design.” That also automatically gives them my free weekly ezine, “In Focus: Success & Marketing Highlights,” so the back of my card kills two birds with one stone.

I would love to hear how you are using offers, or questions you might have in implementing these ideas. Until then, remember: step into your greatness with ease and grace!

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  1. So very true! I’ve just had a conversation with a client of mine about this precise issue. Previously spread too thin in the field of Multimedia Design, I have just taken the leap into that “funnel” and carved my business a new identity around one specific niche and passion. It seems limiting at first, ‘when it’s actually the focus you need to become recognized as the pro you are.

    Great article!
    First time reader of Entrepreneurial Woman.

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