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Delegate It!

By Cathy Kuzel on Apr 26 2010 • Filed under The Connected Woman

One of the biggest frustrations of many entrepreneurs is the lack of time to perform all of the tasks that require doing. Between calling clients, shipping product, approving literature, answering the phone, creating invoices AND opening the mail – there is little time to do the things that got you fired up about starting your business in the first place!

But wait! What’s this? No one can do it as well as you can? They don't know your business like you do? They'll mess it up and make more work for you? There is only you?

Fact: Entrepreneurs have the inability or unwillingness to delegate tasks or responsibilities. This is their 'baby,' after all.

Fact: Successful entrepreneurs delegate. They understand that to have their company grow and be profitable, delegation is part of the business plan. In order for you to be an effective entrepreneur, you need to know what you can delegate, when you can delegate it and who you can delegate it to.

Think of delegation as nothing more than giving yourself the opportunity to spend more time in the vital areas of your business such as; planning, organizing, inspecting, coaching, and developing people.

All by yourself? No staff?

Substitute the word 'delegate' for 'outsource'. Many sole proprietors are using the services of virtual assistants. With almost everything available in a digital format and the almost instant communication tools such as blackberries and iPhones that you have at your disposal, your support 'staff' can be in another city, province or country.

Here are some keys to effective delegation:

  • Delegate it if someone else can do it, wants to do it, needs to do it or likes to do it.
  • When you delegate responsibility also delegate the authority to use the resources to get it done.
  • Delegate results, not necessarily the methods. Recognize/accept it won't be done the way you would do it.
  • When you delegate something don't take it back.
  • Ensure the person understands what and why you have delegated to them.
  • Reinforce positive results and give feedback on negative results.
  • Communicate clear instructions, expectations and guidelines.
  • Put it in writing when necessary.
  • Ask for regular written or verbal reports.
  • Remember what you delegated and to whom.

Why not take a serious look at how you are spending your time and what tasks you are involved in that could be delegated to someone else? Track your use of time for a week, recording all of the repetitive activities, problem solving issues and routine stuff.

Ask yourself at the end of the week: "Could someone else have done this? What did I not complete because of these actions?" I personally guarantee that you can free up at least an hour a day if you will find creative ways to delegate something, anything.

Go ahead, delegate – I dare you!

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