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Step 2: Designing the Business Of Your Dreams

By Karen Dodd on Apr 05 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

If you invested some time in yourself and your business by doing the previous blog’s assignment you should have some valuable insights with which to move into Step 2: Designing The Business Of Your Dreams. 

In working with self-employed professionals and very small business owners who struggle to attract new clients consistently, I always start by: Reconnecting With Your Vision.

I suspect that you’re at one of two stages in your life right now. One, you’re still searching for your purpose and how best to use your unique skills and talents in a business. In that case, we’re going to get crystal clear on your passion and determine how you can make that into a viable business.

Or two, you are very clear on your purpose – you’re doing exactly what you want to be –  but you’re unsure how to most effectively market and attract clients to your business, consistently and easily.

Perhaps you’ve lost sight of the vision you had for your business and why you started it in the first place. If you fall into this category, we are going to look at how you’re applying your skills and talents and create systems that will bring the passion back into your business – and make client attraction a worry of the past.

Question 1 in my last blog was, what do you want your ideal business to look like? In painting an exquisitely detailed picture for yourself, you no doubt talked a lot about “what’s in it for you.”That’s perfectly okay; don’t feel guilty! But, now it’s time to figure out what unique skills and talents you offer your clients that make you different from your competitors.

For example, as a Client Attraction Specialist, I often get the question of what makes me different than other marketing or business coaches. After taking stock of where my passion and strengths lie, I am very clear that I only work with very small business owners and I only specialize in client attraction –  nothing else. By so doing, my “transformational value” to my clients is that I help them attract more clients in record time, which results in them making more money than they would on their own. And I do this, not by teaching old school sales tips and techniques. Rather, everything I teach is based on heart-centered principles. As a result, my clients attract the right kind of clients, based on authenticity and mutual respect.

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It:  

  1. Write down 10 things that set you apart and makes you unique from others in your field.

Tip: Be sure to make these “transformational statements” client- or prospect-focused, and avoid labeling what you do. For example: 

“I help put my clients into the kind of home that not only meets their family’s needs but that makes them feel proud, secure and gives them peace of mind,” is infinitely better than,

“I’m a realtor and I help people to buy or sell their house.” 

  1. Now that you know what transformational value you offer your clients, write a profile of exactly what your ideal client looks like. 

Tip: Resist the temptation to be all things to all people. Trust me, it will never work and you run the risk of targeting your marketing messages to the “lowest common denominator.” Instead, realize that there is enough abundance for everyone and you will do your best work with the kinds of clients you hand-pick, according to your strengths and unique ability to solve their problems. 

  1. Once you know what your ideal client looks like, thinks about, and values, you’re now ready to ask yourself, “what would she do, or pay, practically anything to help:"

Increase her income
Save time, money or stress
Achieve peace of mind, or…
whatever you add from your own list

Congratulations! You’re now well on your way to identifying both your unique and exciting market niche, and how only you can best serve your ideal clients.

Most of us dream of designing the home or lifestyle of our dreams. If you’re going to start (or re-energize) a business, why not design it in a way that fulfills your financial, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs?

I can’t wait to “speak”  to you next issue, as we explore simple, yet effective ways to craft your marketing message that will have you attracting your dream clients quickly and easily!

Until then, remember: step into your greatness with ease and grace.  🙂

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