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How to move your business forward

By Karen Dodd on Mar 15 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

You might wonder what the following article has to do with Client Attraction. 

We’ve all heard the expression, “don’t put the cart before the horse.” Frequently, people say to me, “Karen, just tell me what I need to do to attract more ideal clients to my business and I’ll do it.” And always, my answer is, “First, let’s figure out what it is you really want, so that we can formulate the right plan for you.” 

Here’s the process I suggest:

1. What is my end game? 

What is it that you really want? Be careful what you wish for because you’ll probably get it! For example, it may seem attractive to wish for a business that keeps you busy 24/7, but is that what you really want?  

When you focus on the wrong things, you’ll get more of the same. What about planning for a business that is consistent and strong but that provides you with the freedom that most solo-entrepreneurs crave? Then all you have to do is set the right systems in place to achieve that goal.

2. Where am I right now? 

Where are you currently in terms of: desired lifestyle, income, your marketing plan (don’t have one – oops!), etc. 

3. What is it costing me to stay where I am? 

Imagine six months go by and you’ve done nothing different. What’s your income going to be? What does your life look like? What is your happiness quotient?

4. What is my best option? 

  • do nothing
  • figure it out all on your own (and get bloody in the process)
  • get help from an expert 

5. Now that I’ve decided what I want, how am I going to stay focused?  

I highly recommend becoming part of a mastermind group. Make sure the group is small and is comprised of people who are really serious about giving and receiving accountability. Meeting regularly is important but it doesn’t have to be weekly.

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It:  

1. Write out exactly what you want your ideal business to look like.  

Be as detailed as possible. If you’re highly visual as I am, consider cutting out pictures – whatever it takes to “paint the picture” for yourself. 

2. Write down where you are currently, using the criteria in Question 2 above. 

Then, take off the blinders and ask yourself honestly, what is it going to take for me to get there?  

3. Be brutally honest in answering what it’s costing you to remain where you are. 

Write it all down. When thoughts are committed to paper, magic happens (as long as you take action). 

4. Decide on your best option to move forward and then start formulating a plan to achieve your ideal business.  

Tip: please don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t afford to get help from an expert, coach or mentor. This mode of thought is “penny-wise and pound-foolish. Again, ask yourself what it is costing you not to get the help you need. 

5. If you don’t already know of a mastermind group that would be right for you, approach a few people you admire and respect.  

Tell them: “This is what I’m working on and I could use your help keeping me on track.” Then write down everything you are doing for the next 90 days and share it with them.

In my next article, I will share with you how to use your answers to these critical questions in moving to Step 2: designing the business of your dreams. Until then, step into your greatness with ease and grace.  

Remember: you won’t always see that next step, until you take the first one!


  1. Great article. It is easy to stay in a rut longer than you think. In fact, often we are pretty busy so we don’t even realize that there is indeed a rut. Constant review of goals and strategies are essential to stay on the cutting edge. There is a tendency to feel that “if it is working, no need to fix it” – however with today’s fast pace, change comes quick, the nature of the global economy to include, social networking makes information very accessible. It can become difficult to keep that competitive advantage you had 6 months ago. To be successful requires being a visionary, effecting change long before its needed. It is important, I think , that as Women we MUST find time to be still and meditate and refocus ever so often in order to continually move to the next level. We tend to extend ourselves – “mothering” this , that & the other, that we can easily neglect keeping our minds clear to be visionaries. A mastermind group, or a good mentor is also one of the best things to do to avoid tunnel vision.

    • Wow, Bridgette — you are bang on with so many great points! I couldn’t agree more; especially the parts about taking care of too many things and others, while getting in a rut ourselves, and your wonderful point about the huge benefit of having a mastermind or mentor to help keep you accountable and open to new ideas.

      Thanks so much for not only reading my article but for such well thought-out, intelligent feedback!

      To your success,

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