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TrickleStrip: The Vampire (Power) Slayer

By Matt Mayer on Mar 08 2010 • Filed under Tech Talk

Vampire Power (also known as Phantom Power or Standby Power) is a term applied to the electricity that many household gadgets, appliances, and electronics waste, just by being left plugged in. By turning off or unplugging these devices, you can save money by reducing your power bill, and be earth friendly.

Some of the worst culprits of this 'Vampire Power' are your PC and your TV (along with their related peripherals). These devices can quietly drain power, even when they appear off, and it can be hard to remember to turn off (or even just reach) a power bar every time you are finished using them.

TrickleStar is just one of the many companies out there who are coming out with easy solutions to prevent this unnecessary power (and money) drain. One of their products, the TrickleStrip combines both an advanced surge protector, and an energy saving system that can pay for itself in as little as a year*.

At first glance the TrickleStrip looks like most other advanced surge protectors. It contains six power outlets, as well as additional plugs (depending on the model) for phone or coaxial cable surge protection. Where TrickleStrip really differs is that the six power outlets are broken up into two 'always on,' one 'control,' and three 'switched' outlets.

The 'always on' outlets work as expected, however when the device plugged into the 'control' outlet is turned off or placed into standby mode, this sends a signal to shut down power to the three 'switched' outlets. Likewise, powering the 'control' device on, returns power to the 'switched' outlets. By using your PC or TV as the 'control,' you can instantly turn off/on power to any three other peripherals (monitors, printers, DVD players, and more) whenever they aren't in use. This ensures that you won’t be wasting electricity by keeping them standby mode.

TrickleStrip is available from TrickleStar's online store in both PC (also Mac/Notebook compatible) and TV models for $44.95 USD

*Estimated by the Standby Power Calculator on TrickleStar's website and may vary from person to person.

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  1. This is really smart !! Is this available in India?

    • Unfortunately, from the looks at TrickleStar’s website, that the TrickleStrip is only available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
      They do have an International site that sells other similar products, however it seems to be limited to parts of Europe, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand

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