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The Business Benefits of Blogging

By Mhairi Petrovic on Mar 08 2010 • Filed under Outsmarting Social Media

In my last post I introduced blogging and talked about some of the ways you can approach using blogs for business. In this post I want to hone in specifically on the business benefits of blogging. 

Search engines like sites that are updated frequently and a blog is a great way to improve your Google ranking. But aside from the search engine positioning benefits, a corporate blog can bring a number of other benefits to an organization.

1. Establish expertise – this is often the main focus of this blog, i.e. to show people like you that we know what we’re talking about so that perhaps you’ll think of us when considering your Internet marketing strategy.

2. Expand Network – a blog is a great way to expand your network. It is always good blog practice to respond to those who comment on your web page and in so doing you are establishing contact and building your network.

3. Brand – a blog is a great way to further entrench your brand.

4. Leads – a blog can build leads for your company but remember, outright selling and self-promotion are considered taboo in the blogosphere and will only annoy. The rule of thumb for blog posts is 20% promotional, 80% value added.

5. Customer Service – blogs are sometimes used as a means to communicate to customers about new offerings, company news and issues to keep them up to date and engaged and to enhance customer service.

6. Humanizing – a blog can be used to put a face on your company, familiarizing customers and prospects with the people behind the brand, and building trust. The famous example is the effect companywide blogging had on Microsoft as referenced in Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble.

7. Internal communication portal – a blog is a great way to communicate personnel changes, policy updates, CEO commentary and company events.

8. Generate revenue – many successful bloggers like Vancouver’s John Chow put their traffic to good advantage by promoting related products and affiliate services to them through ads that are tailored to the intended audience and earn affiliate revenues in doing so.

9. Grow your base – a blog is a great way to extend your company’s reach beyond its traditional geographical base and to connect with others with similar interests globally. The Out-Smarts blog gets comments and traffic from people as far and wide as India and the UK. 

Whatever your reasons for blogging, it is important to stay on topic, to always add value and to blog consistently. Blogs that are updated more frequently tend to be more successful and like any other online marketing effort blog success takes time – so be patient. Happy blogging!


  1. In seeing my clients, I encourage them to journal, and blog. This is an awesome way of expressing oneself. I use it for dual purposes to inspire persons and to also get my name out there.

  2. Great article.. I fully agree that blogging is just essential to getting customers to know, like and trust you! Thanks for the article!

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