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Attract New Clients By Design

By Karen Dodd on Feb 15 2010 • Filed under New Clients by Design

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to find that you have three new clients waving their hands and saying, "I'm ready to buy — now!" They have self-selected, they are pre-qualified and are fully prepared to pay your fee or buy your product. You have attracted them, using a marketing system that works like a well-oiled machine and they have specifically sought you out because you are known as an expert in your niche.  

In the marketing world there are two basic types of marketing. One is called "push-through" marketing. An example of push-through marketing is what most entrepreneurs do: chase and push hard to get new clients.  

Pull-through marketing on the other hand, is using your personality, your compelling marketing methods and your visibility, so that prospects see YOU as the way to avoid pain (less cost, less stress) or to achieve gain (time freedom, more income, more expertise).  

In order to use pull-through marketing effectively, it's critical that you do 4 things:  

1. Get 100% crystal clear on who your target market is.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is they are afraid to narrow their niche, especially when they're first starting out. Take the time necessary to figure out exactly who your market is — and in turn it will make the next steps a lot easier. 

2. Get really clear on what your ideal client's biggest problems are.

This is critical because if you can't tell someone in 30-60 seconds why you and your product or service are the absolute best option to solve their problem, your lack of clarity will consciously or unconsciously affect their decision-making. What I often see happening in this area, is that you tell the prospect about your process rather than the desired outcome they can expect when they work with you.  

3. Mirror their motivators in your written, verbal and online marketing.

When you know who your ideal client is and what their typical biggest problems are, you are in an ideal position to mirror that back to them at every opportunity. This is not being manipulative; it is being helpful. Your prospects don't need more friends; they need the right person to solve their problems. Be sure to use the solutions you provide in your tag line, on your business cards, on your website…everywhere. When you know what motivates your ideal client you have real, usable and powerful information in the palm of your hands. Use it!

4. What to do if you're not yet an "expert" in your field.

As an entrepreneur, do not discount the advantage of having a PhD in results. Yes, it would be nice if you had written a book or been interviewed on TV, but we all have to start somewhere. If you have chosen a particular niche, it is often because you had that problem yourself and there was no one at that time to help you with it. When you share your compelling story in your online and offline marketing, it very often draws them to you (pull-through marketing) and your solutions. On your website or in your brochure, ask questions like, "Do you find yourself struggling with…?" or "Are you frustrated by…?" 

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It: 

1. Write a profile of your ideal client or customer. Give them a name, their age, where they live, their lifestyle, married, single….you get the idea. You're not always going to be able attract the absolute ideal client all the time, but aim high — it will give you much more clarity with which to craft your marketing message. Later, when you get so busy you have to turn away business (yes, it will happen!) you will be much better able to prioritize which clients to work with.

2. Write your "60-second commercial" and practice it with a friend or mastermind buddy who will give you honest feedback. Avoid using labels to describe what you do. Instead of telling someone you're an accountant, tell them what you can do for them that will make their life easier. Be crystal clear about what you offer and not only what's in it for them — but why you are clearly the best person to serve their needs

3. Write down all the problems that your ideal prospect brings to you. Reflect back on real issues that have come up, and then write out exactly — using their language — what you would mirror back in your solution. Make sure that your marketing materials have all the components of what prospects will get by working with you, what makes you unique in what you do and weave in some examples of other clients you've worked with, that addressed this same problem.

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  1. Great article, Karen! Thank you for sharing.

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