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Speak Up, Speak Out – Take the Stage

By Deborah Reynolds on Jan 18 2010 • Filed under Marketing

It’s a brand new year and it’s time to take stock of your accomplishments of the past 12 months and start planning carefully for the the next 12. This month I feel it’s important to talk about two additional gifts which can boost your personal and business image – public speaking and publishing a book.  

The gift of your voice is one of those extraordinary gifts within. The energy we expend learning, experiencing, and growing garners extraordinary value, and it’s high time many realized their gifts need to be shared. Some do it in the form of mentoring, coaching, and consulting. Others develop the gift of speaking, and write a book to help share the story.  

The industry is full of people who are excellent at what they do and share it in an entertaining and informative way in the form of Keynote Speaking. The money can vary – quite literally – from zero or free to several thousands of dollars – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you and one of your competitors offer virtually the same thing, the client will more likely choose the services of the one with a book and speaking experience. Writing and speaking are superb tools to establish you as an expert. You can be an expert without a book, but it’s hard to be an expert without speaking. There are many people who write a book but don’t develop the speaking skills. Others speak but have no book. It is much more difficult to sell a book without mass marketing it and establishing a platform. Many publishing houses won’t look at you unless you already have in place a solid marketing plan with a solid database to market the book to on a national scale.

Most people have made at least one presentation in a career. Some find the process scary and others find it downright terrifying. When you work at developing your speaking and presentation skills, the fear soon disappears and is replaced with confidence and professionalism.  

It’s such an important skill to develop. Regardless of if you are working for a company, or working for yourself, giving your opinion is critical. Without expressing your voice, your colleagues won’t think you have an opinion. Clients often need a presentation before they will sign a deal. So whether you are selling from across the table to one or two people, or from across the room to several hundred, the skill becomes an invaluable tool to get you noticed, known and remembered. 

Writing an ebook can be a great tool to introduce a book-in-progress and boost your business image, as well as a fabulous lead generation tool.  [Editor's note: It's also cost effective: once your ebook is done, you can sell or give it away repeatedly via email or by letting people download it from your site. Unlike a printed book, you never have to worry about storage or printing costs unless you decide to send it out on CD. If you do send it out by CD, you can 'print-on-demand' from your own computer at minimal cost.] 

Expert status goes hand-in-hand with media exposure. Journalists will seek you out for interviews and to quote you for the pieces they write.

A magazine editor was looking for image consultants to interview. They found me and asked me to write an article. Then they called me back and wanted me for the cover shot. Exposure like that can land you great business. I got a large contract from an eastern company from that cover story. My ebook, which is an excerpt from my soon-to-be released book, has been one of my best marketing tools and has definitely helped in closing the sale. And the credibility of having an American bestseller has done a lot for my career.  

So do you have a story inside of you? Is there something you want to get down on paper? I’m willing to bet you have the most amazing experiences and information to share and it’s about time you bit the bullet and decided to do something about it. It is about taking your business to the next level. 

What do you want people to be saying about you? Get the buzz going about your speaking career and your book. Think about the profits you want to generate in the business. Your profits are in direct proportion to the value you offer. The more value you offer, the higher your profit margin. Your value is consistent with your reputation.  

Speak up, speak out and take the stage. Now that’s how to leave a great lasting impression.  

What are you going to do to take your business to the next level?

Challenge for this month: improve your writing and public speaking skills. 

Public Speaking Skills: 

Join Toastmasters; give a presentation or teach a class at your networking club, library, or community centre; join a speaker's bureau. 

    Writing Skills: 

    Write an ebook; publish articles online at EzineArticles or Helium; send articles to magazines; write a blog. 


      1. If anyone needs help with writing and/or publishing their book, many people find my book on the subject is very useful:

        Suze St Maur (born Kingston, ON, living in the UK!)

      2. Great to read this and get inspired for 2011. I’ve had too many people telling me now I should both write a book and start speaking. Time to get moving!

      3. You’ve hit the nail on the head on both counts. Once you have learned a) how to be an effective public speaker and b) how to use a published book to further your personal “brand”, you are on your way to amazing opportunities!


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