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Which Fitness Personality are you?

By Nicole Yamanaka on Jan 03 2010 • Filed under Health

It’s the New Year! Try as we might, the allure of making New Year's resolutions is strong, and media will push fitness at you like some kind of religion. How do you navigate the overwhelming exercise options?The gym, Pilates, kickboxing, ballroom dance class, the latest Ultra-2010-X DVD home “get fit quick” system…?

Before you get sucked into purchasing what would be a very expensive and technologically advanced clothes hanger, look at your personality for a clue as to what works for you.

Most people have similar health goals such as: toning up, losing a few inches, increasing flexibility, relaxation, accountability, increaseing strength and confidence. And that’s just the short list. The good news is that most fitness ventures will offer all of the above. The bad news is that most fitness ventures offer all of the above. 

Below are a few basic fitness personalities that may help you figure out what options may be a better fit for your needs. 

Goal oriented and/or independent


You enjoy being “in charge” of your life, schedule and fitness program.

You don’t have trouble committing to regular activity and are quite consistent.

You are a leader and enjoy setting goals and are self-motivated. 

Activities that may work best for you:

Hiking, walking, running, cycling or swimming
Ah, the freedom of being in control. These activities allow you to pace yourself and push harder on the days you want the intensity or take it easier on the days you need to tone it back. You can record your progress, register for fun runs or participate in races. Being able to work towards a definitive deadline will give you a sense of accomplishment and appeal to your competitive side, if you have one. 
Weight training or joining your local gym
The ability to create and customize a plan in your strength training routine will appeal to your goal-setting side. Weight training is easy to track and you can see results relatively quickly. There is the power to modify your workout, with endless variety to the types of exercises that can be done.
Martial Arts
The popularity of women participating in martial arts is constantly on the rise. Regular, structured practice separates it from a casual group fitness class, as you have the ability to move up different belt levels, appealing to the goal-setting part of you, and into more complicated routines and programs. 

Fun loving and spontaneous


You love having fun.

Freedom is important.

You may be group/socially oriented in your choices. 

Activities that may work best for you:

Join a gym
The energy and social aspect of a scheduled class will keep you motivated to attend and has the added bonus of connecting you with good people. Having a goal to work towards helps keep your personality type motivated.  
Community Center Group classes (or social groups)
Community centers can offer a larger variety of classes than a gym, ranging from ballroom dance and running groups, to adult ballet and Nordic walking. Look for local social groups that introduce people to activities like snowshoeing, kayaking trips or group hikes. Appeal to your fun side by mixing it up every month or so.  

Sports teams
Take a dash of competition, camaraderie, and a common group goal and mix it with a lot of fun loving people. It’s a great way to go, for a free spirit such as yourself. If you engage the mind and body through coordination and teamwork, it helps to take your mind off the fact that you’re “exercising.” 

Love to try new things


You’re open to suggestions and look forward to trying new activities / the latest trends.

May have started and stopped several activities in your exercise history.

You are likely social and enjoy group activities.

 Activities that may work best for you:

Gym membership
Sign up for a range of classes like yoga, Pilates, cardio bootcamps and spinning. Look for gyms that offer different classes at different times of the day to allow you to find something that fits into your schedule.  

Use the Buddy System
Shiny pebble people can easily drop an activity almost as quick as they pick it up. Get external support from a friend, family member or co-worker to help you stick it out for the long haul. Schedule your time and hold each other accountable! 

Go straight to an expert
Working one-on-one with a professional can keep you motivated by providing realistic goal-setting, keeping activities interesting and ensuring accountability. It is helpful to find a trainer that you find inspiring, both physically and philosophically. 

Bring it home with you!
Exercise DVDs are inexpensive and fun ways to inject variety of activity. There is always something new on the market every month.Tthey are packed with instructions, visuals, the ability to pause and rewind and are the ultimate in schedule flexibility! The instructor never talks back to you and will be ready for you, even three years down the road.

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