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Logitech Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks

By Matt Mayer on Dec 11 2009 • Filed under Tech Talk

One of the biggest ironies in the computing world is that most laptops are simply not suited to one thing…laps!

By placing one directly on your lap, you run the risk of blocking the air vents, thus overheating and damaging the machine, not to mention the unnecessary strain on your wrists, back and posture by hunching over the keyboard. Some laptops can also become excessively warm, or even hot underneath, adding to this discomfort.

Despite these factors, many of us still want the portability and convenience that a laptop affords; the ability to use it on the couch, at the airport or even in bed. This is where the Comfort Lapdesk from Logitech comes in, providing you with a desk designed to sit readily on your lap.

The hard plastic surface includes a multi-layer heat shield keeping any excess heat away from your lap and the lacquered finish helps hold the laptop firmly in place. In addition, the 12-degree incline helps improve your posture and provides a more natural typing and viewing angle. 

The cushioned underside is contoured to sit comfortably on your lap, while providing air circulation below and keeping the ventilation free from obstruction when placing the laptop on a soft surface, such as a bed.

The lightweight Comfort Lapdesk is sleek and sexy, yet can be discreetly stored both horizontally (under a bed, in a bag) or vertically (on a shelf, next to a couch) when not in use. Best of all, it can accommodate larger laptops – ones with up to 17" screens.

The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk is currently available for $49.99 CAD from Amazon.ca

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