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Lisa Larue – Big City Cupcakes (Updates, etc.)

By Cathy Watters on Dec 01 2009 • Filed under Business

[CHECK THE UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!! Lisa Larue's corporate store in Kelowna has CLOSED and most stores in BC are also closed. There have been COURT CASES against Lisa Larue and Big City Cupcakes (see link to Court Services) and mentions about SCAMS (see link to Scamchasers site). Below is an intro to the original story, written in 2009, followed by updates, comments and links.]

Last Fall, three women opened a cupcake shop in Kelowna, BC. It was an idea they got from the states, and they didn’t know how the community would react to a specialty store that only offered cupcakes. Would people embrace the idea? Would there be enough customers to make the business sustainable? 

“It was a gamble,” says Lisa Larue, the visionary behind Big City Cupcakes, “but it paid off. We sold out on the first day.”  

Within their first month of opening they had inquiries from people interested in opening franchises. < snip > 



7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise: a Lawyer's Perspective
By Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston,, June 2011

The next two links below, marked with asterisk (**), have been archived. The new link for both articles is:

**Lisa ‘LaRue’ has made two names for herself, both bad
By David Baines, Vancouver Sun, Sept. 17, 2011

**Cupcake Partnership Left Bitter Taste
By Jana G. Pruden, Edmonton Journal October 11, 2011

BC Court Services Online
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  1. So she is still at it. They also run a daycare called Happy Angels in Kewlona under her daughters name. This woman has stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from people.

  2. My company received a call today from an upset individual in the Toronto area.

    Lisa LaRue (a.k.a. Lisa Fulkerson) appears to now be scamming people via her new business

    She reaches out to property owners and managers and offers to “register” their property on her website for $200 and then present the property to cellular antenna companies go get lease offers of $10,000+ per year for their site. This is not done and the property owners and managers never hear from her once they have handed over payments.

    What is disturbing is that at least two property owners/managers have been tricked into sharing confidential information about their properties during “registration’ – including copies of ownership records, leases, etc. This is disturbing considering that this individual has a history of identity theft.

    Please consider making mention of this in your previously published article about this woman.

  3. There is one store in Edmonton and it is not associated in any way with the original company. It is run independently and is not a franchise.

    – Owner of Edmonton Location

  4. HOT OFF THE PRESSES! I am sorry to share this story of more people who’ve had negative consequences due to their dealings with Lisa Larue in Edmonton:

  5. I predicted this company would go out of business over a year ago. The first cupcake I had was delicious–the New York Cheesecake. Then the next couple of cupcakes I bought had no cheesecake filling even though I had to pay an extra $1 for filling. I informed the management at Coquitlam Centre who said they did not give refunds, and seemed to care less about the issue. I tracked down the Head Office in Kelowna and sent them an email with a photograph of the unfilled cupcake. I did get one response saying they would send me a gift certificate. It never came, and I received no further responses to my emails. Even though it was just cupcakes, I felt that this company was scamming its customers, so filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Big City Cupcakes did not bother to respond to them either. On a whim, I bought another one of these cupcakes a few months ago and it was absolutely gross.

    I am not at all surprised that this company turned out to be run by a scam artist, and am glad that they are finally out of business. I feel sorry for the franchisees but I would never buy a franchise where I had no control over the quality of product.

  6. I recently passed by the surrey location and found that the name had been changed so I looked up to see why. I used to work with Big City as a ‘baker’ and was surprised and also not by this article.

    We were making only a little over minimum wage for a position that you would really be starting double that. When you were hired, they promised bi-monthly increases in wage in accordance with how you did which they did at the start (like the first week) and stopped completely. A couple of times I would have the pay cheques bounce.

    No one liked working with the owners.

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