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Self Discovery and Exploration

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When is the last time you made time for self-reflection? When we take time to ask those questions that allow us to explore and discover answers about where we are in our life and what things we would like to see changed, this type of self-reflection can drive us to create an action plan that will help make our desires become a reality. This may feel like work butit can feel like pleasure as well!

Here are some questions to get you started:

1. How do you see yourself? Describe yourself in terms of how you see yourself today, right now in your life.

2. Name three things of utter importance to you that, starting this week, you would like to add to your life.

3. List three things you would like to change in your life, starting this week.

4. Where in your life do you get most frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged?

5. Do you think there are specific areas in your life that have "unfinished business" and could use some cleaning up and/or closure and healing?

6. Is there an area in your life where you would like to become more competent? Do you feel frustrated or disappointed in the lack of competence you have in that area of your life?

7. What kinds of things do you do for yourself when you need some voluntary solitude, your alone time?

8. If you knew you could not fail and that success was 100% guaranteed, what would your life be like? What would you be doing with your life?

9. What skill of yours do you wish you could use more fully?

10. What would others say you do well? What do you bring into their lives?

These types of questions can help you take a look at your present life and offer some insight to a more desirable future. Do you feel you are at a point in your life to make time for creating energy toward fulfilling your desires, intentions and goals? Do you feel it would be valuable for you to manifest these changes? Do you find yourself wanting to try new options, look at new possibilities, and discover if your current habitual patterns are benefiting you and moving you toward your goals or are in need of realigning?

Perhaps you have had someone in your life at one time who greatly impacted your life by supporting you and encouraging you to reach for your dreams. This person may have been a mentor, a coach, a parent or a best friend and this person made you feel empowered to make your dreams your reality. Perhaps this person helped to forward your growth and learning. This person may still be in your life and you can still seek them out for support. Seeking a Lifestyle Empowerment Coach to work with you to reaffirm and clarify your goals for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days or longer can also be an option.

It is time to discover what big opportunities are out there for your life, both personally or professionally, that you are not taking advantage of and begin utilizing them into your life. It is time to unveil any hidden strength or skill you have that you would like to use more of in your life!!

Nancy Hovde is a Holistic Lifestyle Empowerment Coach. She can help you create your Vision Plan. Providing empowerment tools for Personal Growth and Professional Development. Visit her website: or e-mail her at

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